We are Don and Joy Prouty.

We are a team. We make films and photographs with the goal of spreading as much love and hope that we possibly can through our humble talents and big dreams.

We are the parents to five unique and creative kids and we are raising them on a sweet patch of land in a little farmhouse in rural Tennessee. Our job of documenting families takes us all over the United States every year and so we homeschool and are together as a family a lot of the time. Last year we explored, photographed clients and schooled our kids in 36 states. We find great joy in giving our children experiences that, we pray, will shape them into individuals who have great curiosity and compassion for the world.

As an artistic team with a collective vision for our work, we felt it important to create a list of qualities we want every project we work on to possess. When creating films, we ask ourselves these questions: Is the work we are making honest and not contrived? Does the work transport the viewer back to childhood? Does the work bring restoration or hope of some kind? Does the work spread love? Does the work provide inspiration for action or introspection? Does the work promote compassion and community? Is the work the most true representation of the story it is telling?

These are the things that we hold most important. In the art we make, in the way we live our lives, in the way we are instructing our children, in the way we present ourselves on social media, in our interactions with clients, in the thoughts we are thinking. It is all connected and all important.

...and if we are getting technical, don shoots the steady cam and drone footage and joy uses the handheld canon gear.

this video is a snippet of our days. just the seven of us. perhaps it may give you a little insight into my family as you consider introducing me to yours. 


(lovely film by our dear friend amy teague at happily situated photography)