My name is Joy

i like to keep things simple.  my favorite thing is an honest conversation, the kind that will make you laugh and cry all at once.  as your photographer, i want to share with you the wild beauty that i see blooming right in your everyday life.  you may feel overrun with weeds.  you may feel broken, that this chapter of your story is not worth remembering.  but i want to sit beside you and document the brilliant hope shining through each crack.

we live in a little house beside a creek just outside of nashville, tennessee. we spend our days tending to the soil at home as well as traveling the united states photographing love while schooling our babes in the great outdoors. last year we documented families in 39 states and stood in awe of as many natural wonders of the country that we were able. we may be visiting your little corner of the world one day soon. 

i am a dreamer, a mother to five, a wife, an artist and a child of the Almighty. i like to think of myself as a wildflower.  i crave the warmth of the sun against my face.  i bloom best when i stop trying to force my own roots down and instead allow the wind to carry me where i was always intended to grow.  i am continually looking for some sort of a sweet balance between the longing for home and the allure of the road. and no matter where our wanderlust leads, i am always drawn to beauty in unexpected places and look to scatter seeds of hope along our way.


this video is a snippet of our days. just the seven of us. perhaps it may give you a little insight into my family as you consider introducing me to yours. 


(lovely film by our dear friend amy teague at happily situated photography)