The Keaton Family & their Narnia Castle!

well, this is an instant favorite session of mine.  we've been reading the chronicles of narnia as a family nightly for the last few months and i have fallen so in love with c.s. lewis and these spectacular stories!  so when i was talking with maegan (the mama) in preparation for her family's upcoming session, and she told me how much they loved the stories too and read them together (as well as had costumes of the characters), i was filled with ideas and giddiness.  the words of c.s. lewis have such a beautiful depth that reach far deeper than any average story; "... the deepest, wildest voice they had ever heard was saying: 'narnia, narnia, narnia, awake!  love.  think.  speak.  be walking trees.  be talking beasts.  be divine waters.'  it was of course the lion's voice."  - C.S. Lewis

oh those words.

i continued to learn about the keaton family... that they love nature, adventuring and building.  my mind instantly went to them building Cair Paravel!  we happened to have a lot of boxes left from our move and i picked up a few more and went to work painting them.  the keaton family crafted a patchwork flag at home and they took my castle idea to the next level by picking up giant cardboard cylinders and painted those to be the spires.  it all fell together perfectly, especially because the keaton children were so very excited to get to build something that was so close to their hearts with their mom and dad involved in the play.  each took on their own character in it's creation!  peter, susan, lucy and tumnus were all yelling "narniaaaaaaa!" and galloping and laughing and working together which made the photo session feel incredibly magical and special.

this was the first session i photographed here at our new homestead which was a treat in itself, but it also happened to be the warmest and most sun-filled day that we've had this entire washington winter.  oh, the glorious orange sun... bliss!

1 we began beneath the willow tree...2 3 4 5 6 7 let the building begin!8.58 9 10 11 12 he was so deeply in character.  i love these.13.5 13 14 15 16 while mama was taping the center of the castle together, her hubby saw it happening and said "well of course, she is the one that holds the whole house together."  i almost cried.17 18 19 20 2122 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 they all yelled, "NAAAARRRNNIIIAAAAAAAAAA!!!"31 32 33.5 33