Workshop announcement: at OUR house: Oct. 1-2

workshop announcement!!!  registration is currently open for: a wildflowers workshop this october 1-2 here on our homestead in bellingham, washington!  and it will be a glorious time of year with our apple orchard full of apples.  the workshop will begin at 9am on wednesday, october 1st and end at about 3pm on thursday, october 2nd. proutymay-342web

my hope for the workshop: for each woman who attends be challenged as a photographer, a creator, a business person and most importantly, an artist! i want each attendee to remember the simple and passion-driven reason they fell in love with photography and to inspire their creative spirit in fresh ways as well as give practical tools to run their business from the heart.  so often in this profession, we start out loving the art of making pictures and then all the beauty of the journey gets lost in trying to make it work as a business. i want to share my journey, be an open book to you... i am a believer in raw honesty and that is exactly how i teach. it is a beautiful few days and i truly believe that every woman that attends leaves changed, encouraged, and equipped to grow their business and images into the wonderland they envision in their minds.

the investment: this workshop will be $1400 per attendee.   this total cost will cover:  all instruction and education over the course of our time together, meals during the workshop teaching, and my workshop book i have written specifically for attendees in addition to other things.  the workshop fee does not include travel or lodging.  however, we facilitate the private forum for attendees to get to know one another prior to the workshop to arrange sharing these expenses.  we recommend flying into bellingham airport as it is very close to us, however seattle airport is only two hours south of us and it's a beautiful drive along the washington coast heading up to us here!  to register, we require a nonrefundable 50% retainer to reserve your spot - paid by paypal below (this intimate at-home workshop will cap at 12 women total), and the remaining 50% is due one month prior to the workshop.

what is covered in the workshop: two portrait sessions with instruction given start to finish (one family session and one couple session), the sharing of how i dive deeper into the stories and passions of my clients to create unique photo shoots that speak to the heart, how to set boundaries, effective policies and how to "balance it all" - business, workflow, time management, family, relationships and still keep your sanity. inspiration for staying fresh and setting yourself apart from other photographers. how to best utilize your existing space and tips on finding great hidden gems of locations. how to get creative with the way you shoot with capturing sun flare and finding dreamy light to produce sun-saturated imagery. raw workflow demonstration in lightroom and photoshop and my start to finish post production technique. strategies for setting rates for your business and how to stick firm to them. i cover strategic marketing techniques on how to attract and book your target clientele. how to pose children, families and couples in a comfortable "un-posey" way. how to develop lasting relationships with local business owners and how to get your work displayed in creative locations. we do lots of creative and inspirational challenges to help attendees discover their own personal photographic style. the client planning consultation, how to create storyboards, the complete client interaction process.  you leave with hundreds of images taken to add to your portfolio. the attendees develop life-long relationships with each other, it is so beautiful! all of my previous workshop attendees have kept in touch and call upon each other with personal and business struggles over the years. i love that i get to facilitate such a valuable experience... it is such a blessing!

are you asking "is this workshop for me?" well, let's see... first, you must be a woman. second, you must be a photographer! you are not required to currently have a photography business, however the majority of our attendees do and i cover quite a bit of crucial business related information. you must be shooting in manual mode and have a good grasp on your equipment. our typical attendees are either in the beginning of their photography careers or have been shooting for quite a while are experiencing serious burn out. i like to teach my workshops in such a way that no matter what level of shooter you are, that the depths of the information can grow you from wherever you are at. lastly, you must be open for change. i am not a shy teacher. i will challenge you. my goal is to really yank on your heart strings. be ready.

also, here are just a few links to blog posts by recent workshop attendees that have been thoughtful enough to share their experiences to give you an idea of the workshops:

how to register: to register, we require a 50% non-refundable initial payment to hold your workshop space which can be paid by paypal - you will click the "pay now" button below. once you have paid, your spot is saved!  then you must email us directly at so that we can have you complete the full personal registration form just so we can really get to know you, add you to your private workshop group and get the excitement rolling!  we do expect this workshop to fill quickly and once we have reached our capacity of 12 women for the workshop we will remove the paypal link below so that you know that registration is closed.  so if the link is still visible below, we still have room for you!

**REGISTER HERE!!  click the link below to pay your retainer & register using paypal:


excited to meet you!!