Mia & Sean's Wedding - Valentines Day in New Jersey

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the snow flurries began at one in the afternoon on valentines day.   he toasted with his friends and she cried with hers and the snow fell silently, preparing the way for them to walk together, for the rest of their lives.  they met at the carriage house that almost felt like connecticut and a world away from manhattan; a place where new life would grow.  she was running late, she closed her eyes with intention and the snow gathered upon her lashes, and he took her hand, and they took in that winter air and exhaled deeply, as one.  it all seemed frantic until he saw her.  all the words were too loud until they stood in that falling snow in the silence.  their eyes smiled and his shoulders relaxed and she came alive.  their friends and family gathered and candles were lit and vows were promised.  the snow fell thick all around them, as if it all took place in a dream and they danced into the night like the only ones, free with abandon.  it was the valentines day her grandmother had once given her as a little girl and why this day of the year was the one choice to celebrate a love this sacred.

i haven't gone through nearly half the images from this wedding but i felt drawn to share these.  the anticipation feels like a first date and the newness of snow feels like a daydream, but it's the maturity of their love, the security and the strength you can feel as they stand beside one another that truly makes me love these photographs.  it's the standing still, trusting, being covered by love in a way that it can actually be seen and felt in the snow.  truly, that is all i can hope for my art.


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