The Harris Family: A Harvest Session.

a harvest is the ripe bounty of natural gatherings collected throughout a season; a labor of love and the rich result of patience, intention, endurance and hope. that is what i found in this home. the love put in over many years, spilling out within every bit of laughter, every dance party in the living room, family snuggle and light saber battle on the big bed and every bit of beauty as a reflection of a life lived seeking out the good. they requested a video. and i was more than happy to oblige.

i arrived in miami, the land of sunshine and palm trees, on a thursday and i left on a friday. it began to drizzle a hot rain as i drove toward the airport through streets lined with banyan trees and the hustle of city life. but this rain… it had the feeling of intense purpose. for a moment the heat subsided and the sweat on my neck was cooled by a stormy breeze and the welcomed feeling of renewal. it was just as my time with the harris home had been… i had walked into a sanctuary of art, and family, and most importantly, belonging.

this mama, carolyn, is a talented artist. one who values honest self expression and the raw importance of growth through brave photographic pursuits of self discovery. i was more than honored to have been invited into her home/playground/studio/life/bubble of hope and creation. and as i documented her from behind the camera, she also led me with her truth into a deeper understanding of my own.

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