Danny & McKenna - Mitochondrial Disease


We had the honor of spending a day alongside Danny, McKenna and their incredible parents Brad and Lindsey. The only words we can find to possibly sum up our time together was: sacred. We watched a complete display of holy selflessness the way they cared for their children. Never once showing any hint of bitterness or annoyance at the continual needs such as changing, cleaning and preparing tube feedings for the kids, being aware of medications, watching at all times for current and new symptoms such as increased seizures and just the everyday things to be done. As for Danny and McKenna - they are pure joy. We spent most of the time down on the floor playing with them. They wanted to be sure we were included and felt love. Their eyes deep and kind and young and old and so, so beautiful. We didn't want to leave. We have plans to return. We pray this video changes you, pushes you closer to hope and gives you a glimpse into life for a family living through a very rare form Mitochondrial Disease.