"Joy… what a grateful heart we have of our morning together. We have not stopped talking about it since. Thank you. For you. For every little toe in that home that left marks on our hearts of how we should live - slow, with Grace, energy, child-like depths, & that so-very present Love. Every little moment was magic: The nerves we shared driving up your driveway. Having those nerves escape as we peeked through your screen door to be welcomed in. The feeling of home that you & your tribe offered to us. Love is a gift. A gift from God, who does cartwheels when He sees us Love like Love should be Loved - and we could not have felt more Loved yesterday. That past three years have been the hardest - years of loss and losing - yet years of so much good. That alive, rich beyond money, "His Good" kind-of-good. It sure is easy to be confident and safe in our skin, when we know how beautifully broken we are. Our cracks are only more vibrant, as He seals them with gold! God has shaped such a story within this heart, and to think He planned for my messy, mixed-all-over the place-colors to create something unreal with Parker’s clean brushes, still stops me in my tracks. It is such a privilege to love that boy.
An honor to be a part of his moments. Forever. Park & I have no solid plans - and while most would be frantic about this, we are so free. Free to be free in His plans for us, because freedom is so worth the faith fall. Yet, the one thing we are sure about is how gracious we are of you telling a little (big!!) piece of our story - of God’s story for these sandlot-kid hearts. And I can’t think of anything else to be more sure of in this world than that. We love you and can’t wait to see you again." - Katie Funk & Parker Dixon

"WOW... you have a tremendous gift!! These are literally the best pics ever taken of my family. We are literally getting emotional looking at them. Just amazing!! I can't thank you enough for the blessing of these priceless moments in time of my family that you have given us. We truly feel blessed to have you and your talents on our life.  We will see you at our house soon and can't wait to plaster our walls with them!"  - Joey Lawrence (Actor)

"The photos are truly incredible. Treasures. We are blown away, and can barely wait to have some on our walls... it is inspiring to see people who have taken a gift and committed themselves to sharing that gift with other people. You have given us something that will bring us joy for the rest of our life and even after. You are really gifted... can't thank you enough."  - Scott Wolf  (Actor)

"Dearest Joy… I can't stop looking at our photographs. I have never loved any more than this! Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts! I seriously started welling up looking at these. You captured the deep joy and love we feel for each other and I can't thank you enough. The whole experience was beautiful, intimate, and when we were on our way home I couldn't help but tell Mike how loved I felt that night by him. Thank you for creating a space for us to slow down and connect a bit. It was such a great experience and one we will never forget."  - Andrea Berggren

"You have given us AMAZING pictures. Just beautiful!  Thank you so much, it really means the world to me to have these.  So very glad our paths crossed, Joy."  - Minnie Driver

"Joy!! Wow, truly and almost out of breath - WOW!  How you ever can capture rays of sunlight through little girls' hair or the soft velvet nuzzle of a horses nose and the glances that Ryan and I only shared together on our wedding day. It's like you've melted away all of the daily hustle and bustle and grind and stress and left our love.  I can truly see it in the pics, and I know we will be able to see it for many years to come.  When the girls are grown, they will have documentation of our family love that corresponds to the love the will hopefully also feel in their bones.  Words can't even express how much you've touched our hearts, once again...… THANK YOU!"  - Anna Kido

"We are so very grateful. You have given us incredible, fun & amazingly beautiful photographs of our boys. You are truly a joy."    - Bear Grylls   (Running Wild with Bear Grylls)

"I have to say I am absolutely blown away by your work. The photos are, not surprisingly, amazing. They are breathtaking and I can't wait to get them printed and displayed so we can all see them daily. But even more so we are in love with the little moments you captured, those we didn't even know you were seeing, and ones we don't want to forget. Finley's chubby hands gripping her blankie while she napped, Rowan's shy smile when she thinks no one is watching, and Hayes' grin when he sees his sisters. I find it amazing that you caught all of our personalities so accurately in such a short amount of time and we feel so blessed to have these moments frozen in time. I have no doubt that we will always cherish not only the photos you've given us but also the time we spent with you and your family. I'm sure you are used to the praise as you're clearly a master of your craft but you're also such a caring and generous soul and I just wanted to genuinely thank you for this gift you've given us! Again, we cannot thank you enough." - Sarah & Michael Moran

"I had Joy take pictures of my very pregnant body and was wary of getting naked in front of anyone... but I left our session feeling empowered and beautiful. Not only was she amazing to work with but when I saw the images I was blown away by her talent to capture these moments so magnificently."  - Cobie Smulders (Actress)

"We had the pleasure of Joy photographing our family. We are over the moon with the pictures, not only are they some of the most beautiful photographs we have ever seen, Joy makes the photo session so easy, she had calming techniques we had never seen. A very talented and lovely young lady."    - Jason Priestley  (Actor)

"I was overwhelmed by Joy's unique and beautiful approach to photography. The way she incorporates nature along with specal family mementos is unlike anything I've ever seen before. I know there's no other photographer out there who will be able to capture the emotions of the moment like Joy can. And in my line of work, I've seen A LOT of photography. There's just no one like her."  - Robin Radin  (E! News & Access Hollywood Producer)