our 2017 travel session schedule:

all of these dates are currently available for sessions. once a date is booked it will be removed from the list. also, the only remaining workshop of the year will be: November 10-12 in nashville, tennessee (1 spot remaining).


Oct 13  Santa Monica, CA

Dec 3-5  Orlando, FL

Dec 6-10  Sanibel, FL

Dec 11-13  St Petersburg, FL

Jan 23-24  Provo, UT

March 2-3  Fort Collins, CO

March 4-6  Denver, CO

April 27-30 Washington DC

May 1-3  New York City, NY

May 5-7Long Island, NY

May 13  Hartford, CT

May 14-15  Boston, MA

May 17-20 Kennebunk, ME

May 24  Albany, NY

May 25-28  Rochester, NY

May 29  Columbus, OH

May 30  Cincinnati, OH

May 31  Louisville, KY


*if you are interested in having me come to you for a session please let me know! we keep an ongoing list of interested folks across the country and once i receive a few inquiries in one area i will book a trip. also, in regard to harvest (full day) sessions i will absolutely travel just for you so please say hello through the contact form and let's see how we can make it happen!

upcoming workshops:

November 10-12 - Nashville, Tennessee (40 minutes north of downtown) (1 spot remaining)