why i teach:

i want to be the open arms for women who are looking to breathe new life into their photographs. i want you to be reminded of the simple and soulful reason you first fell in love with photography. it is my hope that a safe, honest environment is created at my workshops for women to grow professionally, creatively, technically & spiritually while also leaving with fresh tools to run their businesses from the heart. the specifics of what is covered in some of the instruction portion of the workshop is available below. but for me, it goes far beyond just “logistical” instruction… it’s a soul getaway. in this industry it sometimes can feel as though we walk alone, a flame trying to stay lit within a storm, but together the fires of creation burn wild and free; it can be intoxicating! something happens when women gather that stirs the soul. i think oftentimes attendees arrive dry and simply just wanting more. out of life and the art of photo taking and quietly hoping for someone to perhaps give them the permission to do that one amazing thing that they never thought they’d be brave enough to do. i yearn to peel the layers off together, uncovering the deep well that can quench that longing thirst long after we part.

i’ve had the honor of seeing women release years of burdens piled upon their own shoulders, i’ve watched galleries be unveiled and passion projects emerge from the women that perhaps came with the most fear. because i teach, i feel so strongly about never becoming stagnant in in own personal art. for me to inspire others i must always be inching closer and closer towards my own truth to tell the story of my own family and those of my clients’ in the most heartfelt and focused way. i have been so open with my workshop attendees about the evolution in my own photography; that aching within me for true authenticity in imagery. i never want to stop digging. what a gift i have been given in facilitating an experience that fills my own cup, time and time again, while also giving these women a place to feel safe enough let their fires rise up and burn brightly from the ashes.

the details about my WORKSHOPS:

  • workshops are held on our property in Gallatin, TN (about 40 minutes north of Nashville).
  • begins thursday at 5pm and ends sunday at 10am. lodging, meals & education are included in the cost.
  • i want you to learn how to dive deeper into the stories & passions of your clients to create unique photoshoots that speak to the heart.
  • lots of talking about communication with clients and how to create a safe place for them to feel enough trust in you as the artist.
  • time to just be quiet and take it all in.  journal prompts and the sharing of stories.
  • the importance of setting boundaries (business, workflow, good time management, family, relationships & still keep your sanity).
  • inspiration for staying fresh and set yourself apart from other photographers.
  • finding new avenues of art to incorporate alongside photography.
  • best utilizing the spaces you are shooting in, specifically in the challenges of low lighting or not ideal backgrounds.
  • finding dramatic light in unexpected places.
  • how to figure out the best price structure and marketing plan for your business.
  • raw workflow demonstration & start to finish post-production techniques.
  • navigating how to share your own personal story through imagery.
  • we will be conducting a very intimate family portrait session shooting side by side. real people and their real stories (not models) and the documentation of those unique stories unfolding (my thought process, settings, gear, everything).          




October 18-21, 2018

December 6-9, 2018